A Canadian Success Story

Bergham is a fast-casual chain of restaurants founded in 2012 in Montreal to provide visitors with exceptional flavours.

We offer a variety of sandwiches and burgers to our clients as well as a wide selection of poutines and fries that are particularly distinguished by their unique cheesy version.

Bergham not only delights its customers with the variety of its sandwiches, but also takes them on a journey with exclusive sauces available for sale to garnish their favorite dishes.

It is through this range of flavors, and with a Halal certification, that Bergham wants to maintain its leading position in the market and expand its activities worldwide.

At Bergham, innovation has always been the major concern that has allowed us to offer customers the best culinary experience across Canada.

Today, our restaurants are offering a wide selection of responsibly bred, marinated meats -that are free of hormones and steroids- as well as fresh local ingredients to visitors so they can customize their own sandwiches.


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